We demand

We’re also campaigning for changes that will benefit us all.  We’re demanding:

  • We are treated with respect and dignity when we are using the Job Centre. There are 37 claimants to every job in Hackney: being unemployed is not our fault and we do not enjoy being treated as we’ve done something wrong
  • No more rude and derogatory comments.  Ones we’ve heard recently include: ‘You don’t look sick’, ‘Why did you let your wife get pregnant?’
  • No more intimidation.
  • More care be taken with our claims.  Too many of our documents have been lost too many times.
  • The same rules are applied to the jobcentre staff and us. When we turn up two minutes late we are marked absent for our appointments but we are often made to wait for long periods for our scheduled appointment time
  • There be a time-limit of two weeks between signing on and getting our benefits.  Too many of us have been made to wait for more than six weeks with no income while our claims have been processed.
  • To be able to use the Job Centre phones to phone ANY job related number, including mobiles
  • Not to be made to wait on hold for an indefinite length of time when we call the benefits and employment lines.
  • We’re given enough time for our appointments
  • As many of us have to come with our children, and we often have to wait for such a long time, baby changing facilities be provided
  • We be allowed to use the toilet!

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