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Figure 1: A Money Spinning Privatised Organisation.

The Misrepresentation
by the
Department for work and Pensions

Written by
Ellen Ashmore

Produced by the
London Coalition Against Poverty

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The Misrepresentation of the DWP

Upon hearing, or even reading the words Jobcentre Plus, you are forgiven for believing you will find jobs here.  Hindsight and experience teaches you that this is not the truth.

When I was first  forced to ‘Sign-On’ four years ago, I thought ‘finally I’ll get a job!’  I had the ridiculous belief that jobcentre staff, actually phoned up employers and said, ‘Hey, I have a great person here, who would be perfect for a role in your Company!’  In addition, to immediately arrange interviews. The reality, of course, is not the case.

Jobcentre personnel are inept in this very basic and relevant duty.  Everyone knows about the ‘Job-search’ machines Unemployed Workers gather around, hoping to print out their ideal job -or any job for that matter, which will accept them.

However, skills, distance and finance is the enemy of the average unskilled worker – of which there are many – and I’m sure some of you have watched The Politics programme on television one Sunday and saw the undercover work, that showed how useless these machines were in practice, for the benefit of the unemployment minister.

Where are all the courses that the government have legislated for unemployed workers?

I believe through experience, the funding is given to the lowest bidder and once won; all that bidder can afford to do is fit up offices, with second-hand computers and stick you in front of them, to do a ‘Job-search’  under observation and call it a ‘course’. These companies make a large profit at the taxpayers’ expense, running ‘courses’ that do not produce useful employment.

Heaven help you if you have your own ideas of how to improve your skills, there is always some bureaucratic red tape to come along and strangle your efforts.

“The Jobcentre plus service should rightly be called a ‘Processing Centre’, one particular member of the jobcentre staff told me, and added: “If you tell anyone I said so, I’ll deny it!”

What the taxpayer does not realise is that the DWP Are:

Figure 2: A Money Spinning Privatised Organization.

Each unemployed worker is a statistical £ sign to the Department for work & pensions.

With that person’s name on the dotted line, they are able to transfer an unimaginable amount of funds between different agencies, all paying each other for a service that they are allegedly providing for that one person.

The individual, to whom the service belongs, has no idea what monies are spent, or squandered, on their behalf. Mostly they are left completely in the dark as to how much money is exchanging hands, because of the use of their Name and National Insurance Number.  All that person knows – if they’re lucky, is that they have a roof over their head, but as for paying for the increasing costs of living, in a society where they have no say, it has become an insurmountable task.

No one is looking, – when not if – you are snatched off the unemployment list because of a minor misdemeanour, like missing a ‘sign-on’ appointment to look after a sick child, parent or any relative.  DWP operatives even ignore Her Majesty’s Community  Service orders, and stop your benefit. One of the biggest scandals is how they count unemployment as statistically having been reduced, by sending people on these humiliating ‘courses’ or taking them off benefit if they are too unwell to attend.  Even more degrading is having to fight your way back onto their books, rather than end up on the streets.

Money is being taken from the taxpayer at an alarming rate, which also pays for documentaries, adverts on billboards and tv, that Declare unemployed workers as benefit thieves, the backlash of which, is that unemployed workers are being ‘Scapegoated’, when the reality is there are no paid jobs out there for them. There is just a movement of labour, which has us all reeling under the pressure of it…. waged and un-waged!

The DWP Are Allowed To Get Away With It!

The Department for Work and Pensions use your hard earned taxes, to create animosity between the unemployed and employed, on television and billboards, by :

Criminalizing the unemployed.

Figure 3: They are chaining up poorer families.

How can anyone find gainful employment, in such a politically hostile climate?

More than half the population of Britain are on some kind of benefits due to the recession and rising costs of living, not to mention forced pay freezes, so why are they singling out unemployed workers, don’t we all know someone who is unemployed and existing on next to nothing, without the ability to warm his or her home? On the other hand, don’t we all know someone who is struggling  to ‘pay back’ Inland Revenue’s,  Working Tax Credits?

The government says people should be made to work for their Benefits. If that is what the ‘white paper’ dictates, then which of you working at £17.000  a year or more, will be able to keep it at that rate and not suffer a huge pay-cut, or even keep your job, let alone get  a raise?

Has it not already begun? Has no one seen the big picture?

Figure 4:  You and your jobs are targeted!

The Department for work and pensions has misled you all by creating ’Frenzy’ about unemployed workers. It is a  ‘Witch Hunt!….It could one day, be you!’ Would you want to be despised or even hated  by the working population, due to propaganda spun by the media, which are financed by people with power and ‘your tax money’ to misdirect your attention from the real villains of the play?

‘Picture The Pantomime’.

Those MP’s & MEP’s who are living ‘Phatt’ on your taxes in their big houses (note the plural), their stylish cars and their jet-set life styles.

Those VIP’s Bankers who are able to send their children to the best schools or hire private tutors, while swallowing up large ‘bonuses’ of ‘your tax money’, while your children languish in poor quality schools, which more or less operate as glorified ‘Baby-sitters’.

Moreover, those are only the ones we know about!

There they are!

Figure 5:  Phatt Cats concealing what they do!

Then you are fed the dream through your television sets, that anyone can be a celebrity or become successful, promoting yourself within the media industry on game shows.

Have you ever tried to break into that industry, legitimately?  How easy was it?

Do you know anyone who has won the lottery? Alternatively, even anyone who has won,  ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’  In addition, here come’s The X-Factor!

It is all there to distract you from what’s really important, because no one wants to admit

that they cannot afford to pay their light bill – let alone their TV licence, but most people cannot!  It does not make you a failure! What it tells you is that you are paying too much to those who already have in great quantity and not earning enough for your own sustainment,  much more your families.

Isn’t that why there is strike action going on across the breadth of this country?

What’s Going On?

  • Why has the cost of living within a so-called ‘wealthy’ society, become almost as bad as third world existence?
  • Why has it become the norm to pay your bills with your whole income and use credit to buy your groceries?
  • What would happen if you decided to put sustenance first, would you be left in the cold and dark for the want of a simple human necessity?
  • How high will crime ‘soar’ statistically, when people need basics like food and warmth, in a Media-inflamed society, advertising I-Pods and Widescreen TV’s?

Figure 6:  Talk to each other you’ll be surprised by what you learn

Stop judging from faulty information and find out for yourself, how it is for the people who live beside you. It has always been the plan of those in power, to split us up and have us

fighting against each other;  so we don’t see what they are doing.  We are you! Workers and Unemployed-Workers.  Do not let this happen.  Wake up!  Fight back!

(copy this information and pass it on)


One response to “Members’ Articles

  1. good article Ellen

    (I found the website through Corporate Watch mag recent issue on the ‘unemployment business’.)

    Battles can be won – I have ME & a back problem – I refused to attend another medical on the basis that I have proof that the medicals are neither fair or accurate (I secretly recorded a medical in 2007 but my complaints have simply resulted in harassment and threats)

    I was prepared to have my benefits stopped so I could reveal the truth at a tribunal – but Atos/DWP backed down at the last moment and awarded me another 3 years on benefits!

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