Meeting to respond to compulsory volunteering


A meeting for voluntary sector workers and benefits claimants to develop a shared response to government plans to make ‘voluntary’ work compulsory.

Speakers from:
London Coalition Against Poverty
Unite (Not for Profit Sector)

Time: 7pm
Date: Wednesday 9th February
Venue: Hackney City Farm, Goldsmith’s Row, E2

The government is currently planning an expanded, compulsory, workfare programme for benefit claimants.

We have serious concerns about the effect that these plans will have on benefit claimants, workers in the voluntary sector and the voluntary sector as a whole.

This meeting aims to provide an opportunity for claimants rights groups and representatives of the voluntary sector to work together to meet these challenges.

Please pass this invite onto claimants and voluntary sector workers.

To contact us:


One response to “Meeting to respond to compulsory volunteering

  1. How can our second rate ConDem government even consider such a ridiculous idea? By it’s very nature voluntary work is just that, voluntary.
    Come to think it, I do know. When you have a deadbeat economy which is growing by 1% or less what else can you.

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