A day’s work, a day’s pay

Film showing and discussion with Welfare Action Hackney (London Coalition Against Poverty)
welfareactionhackney.org / 07932  241737 / welfareactionhackney@gmail.com

7pm for a 7.30pm start; Finish 9/9.30pm, Friday 7 January at Navarino Mansions, Dalston Lane, E8 1AJ (by Hackney Downs station)

Since October 2009 those unemployed for 12 months have been placed on the “Flexible New Deal”. It means working 30 hours a week for a month just to be able to claim benefits. Private companies have been given £500 million in handouts to make the unemployed jump through hoops and compete for non-existent jobs. It is all Workfare – working for benefits. It means working for about £1.60 an hour, less than a third of the minimum wage.

A Day’s Work, A Day’s Pay tells the story of Work Experience Programme (WEP) workers in New York who organised against being made to work for a lot less than the union wage for the same job.

After the film there will be an opportunity to discuss the issues raised with Welfare Action Hackney members and find out how we are challenging workfare.

Workfare is slavery. We can stop it.


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