What the experts say ….

We’re the experts on unemployment, not Iain Duncan Smith. We know what we need. Give us your ideas by posting a comment in reply to these questions:

1. What kind of a Jobcentre experience would you like?

2. What’s wrong with JobcentrePlus, Working Links, A4E and the rest?

3. What are the three main things you’d want in the welfare system that would help you?


3 responses to “What the experts say ….

  1. What does IDS know – multi-millionaire, never been on the dole in his life, never had to struggle……. incredible!

    I would like my jobcentres/DWP to be:

    Less humiliating (it seems that jobcentres and many of the things they make you do, like weekly signing, courses etc are designed just to be humiliating) and more USEFUL, actually meant to HELP me. More understanding – of our right to take holidays, of the occassional missed signing (their attitude to this now is horrendous!), of us not wanting to take ANY job.

    Also – I would say, there should be a lot more support with regards to how we might be feeling from being unemployed – I feel stressed, depressed and quite hopeless. Just some support groups or advisors around to talk to would help me enormously, if these exist they do not promote them, they do not seem to care about our wellbeing at all!

    ALso – more helpful attitude to voluntary work would be good.

    Nicer staff, less security guards, not being treated like crap, not being patronised, provision of basic facilities (like toilets!)
    Not being forced to go on pointless courses that have nothing to do with what you want to do – my boyfriend was forced to go on a literacy and numeracy course – he didn’t need it, he has A Levels and a degree, many of them did. He found it completely humiliating and a waste of time and money (he had to pay for bus fares) yet the private course provider made him stay on the computers for a certain amount of time, even after finishing the tests, because that was how they got paid!

    Not being forced onto “work for welfare schemes”. I do not have experience of this but just thinking about the schemes in Manc for example makes me feel quite sick.

    Age discrimination a big one for me as an under 25! Getting much less per week (about £13) on account of my age not my circumstances and being treated differently (weekly signing for a much longer time).

    I suppose also, more incentives to take work for under 16 hours. There isn’t one currently, since I would still have to sign on and “look for work” and get nothing for it expect NI credits!

    Sorry for not answering the questions as you asked. This has become a bit of a rant but I hope it helps 😉

  2. 1. I don’t want any jobcentre experience – why should job centres exist?
    2. The problem with these organisations is that there is no need for them. Situations vacant, recruitment websites and recruitment agencies are sufficient. Why waste taxes?
    3. Reducing welfare benefits so that they are there purely as a safety net for the truly needy would help reduce my taxes. At the moment the middle classes are entitled to substantial benefits which is a nonsense, though the new government is taking steps to amend this. Also benefits for single mothers under 21 should be scrapped.

    Surely if the members of the Hackney unemployed worker’s union are unhappy with their lot they should do what all other union members do – withdraw their labour – that’ll show ’em.

  3. 1. What kind of Jobcentre experience would you like?

    A nice, welcoming and relaxed one. One that delivers what it promises – help and support to find a job. To be treated with courtesy and respect. To be seen promptly and be supported by courteous, knowledgeable and efficient staff.

    2. What’s wrong with Jobcentre Plus etc?

    They’re about number-crunching and box-ticking, not helping people. They treat their ‘clients’ like cattle and don’t offer the most basic comforts, such as allowing you do drink or eat or use the toilet. They have an expectation of dealing withrough, underskilled, trouble-making claimants instead of vulnerable, often stressed and frustrated individuals trying to improve their lives.

    3. What are the 3 main things you would want in the welfare system, that would help you?

    i) A decent rate of benefit, one that it’s actually possible to live on

    ii) Efficient, well-resourced centres, staffed with highly-skilled, highly-qualified and well-trained staff.

    iii) A place to keep the flying pigs.

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