Hackney Unemployed Workers

There are 37 claimants for every new job in Hackney. Being unemployed isn’t our fault and we’re sick of being treated like we’ve done something wrong when we’re using the Jobcentre.

We believe that by coming together and standing up for eachother we can get the rights we are so often denied when we’re claiming what is rightfully ours.

Get in touch at hackneyunemployedworkers@gmail.com or on 02072476101 or 07932241737 if you want to get involved or come to one of our meetings. 

We have meetings every Thursday at 12pm in Cafe Bohemia, which is just up the road from Mare Street Jobcentre. The address is 2 Bohemia Place Mare Street Hackney E8. It’s just off Mare Street, opposite Hackney Central.

We are a part of the London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP – http://www.lcap.org.uk).


5 responses to “Hackney Unemployed Workers

  1. Am finding signing on difficult as I have health needs . . there is a Green Jobs Fair coming up on Saturday 21 November – think I noticed it in The Metro but not clear where it is!
    I’ve just spent a day hearing about Green survival methods to cut corners to meet bills. Hope to bump into you a Thursday lunchtime.

  2. Horrified by a glimpse of ‘Benefit Busters’ documentary – eg, a medically-untrained ‘advisor’, ie, a bullying cow (on £2k a month), mauling a young man’s injured back. Taking people off Incapacity, only for them, justly, to win at appeal is a waste of money.
    Educate & mobilise!

  3. Nothing pisses me off more than reading, hearing or seeing those State adverts, paid for by tax payers, asking you to ‘grass’ on someone you think, or know, might be committing benefit fraud.


    Because for those not blinded by State propaganda, and have not been mentally sedated with shit TV such as day time TV, Big Brother, Eastenders and sport etc, will know exactly what is the best used tactic the State use to take the focus off their inability to serve the public’s best interests, and that is…to make the masses fight amongst themselves.
    That’s right, phone up on a mate because you are jealous about him or her. We will even give you a free phone number to do so. No free cuddly toy though, for doing so.
    But, will we give you a free phone number to make an application for whatever benefit it is that you require? I think not! But, I am broke and you have worked out to the “penny” what I am allowed to live on. So with that logic how can I afford to call you on your chargeable phone numbers to enquire why you have not paid me the benefit I am entitled to? Only for you to either not answer the phone, put the phone down on me when you are unable to answer my questions, divert my call without informing me you are doing so, to only to either a) cut me off after waiting 25 minutes (all chargeable), or b) be told I have been put through to the wrong department.

    The State do not give out a free phone telephone number for those who need to enquire if they are entitled to the many millions of pounds of entitled benefits sitting in their bank accounts. Neither do they place radio, TV, billboards and newspapers adverts out there for the public asking you to give them a call to confirm if you are owed such money.
    Do you want me to go on about so much other crap that they put on folks, young and old? The hoops they put in front of you that are a deliberate acts to wear you down and not claim what is YOURS? The deliberate obstructions, lies, abuse of your personal data, ineptitude, disrespect, threats that the DWP enforce through management and staff?
    Only those with the determination, strength and anger can get what is theirs when it comes to the DWP. They are as bad as they were when they were called the DSS and the DHSS before that.

    I was surprised the State hadn’t arrested the two guys I saw handing out leaflets for HUW outside the Job Centre in Dalston under some kind of anti-terrorist law. Maybe Stoke Newington Police have not been informed by someone with the free phone number as yet.

  4. Invitation to Unemployment Movement.

    We would like to advise your members that the unemployment movement website is open for those who are interested in creating a movement to protect themselves from welfare reforms. Our aim is to create a national movement from the ground up not connected to political parties or organisations, unions or ngo`s.

    What we provide are resources to socially network, blog and discuss issues in a forum and are not so arrogant to believe the website is a polished or a finished item and so will be relying on new members ideas and suggestions.

    For us claiming any benefit is a Right and not charity; it is enshrined in Law as the right to life. We have nothing to be ashamed of, we are not spongers, we not criminals or deviants, we are unemployed because of the economic incompetence of a few.

    We look forward to your visit and interest at http://unemploymentmovement.com

    If you have any difficulty joining please contact us with the contact form or you can read our FAQ which may point to the problem.

  5. anthony rhoden

    I agree to all the present comments and they echo the way all of us are being treated just because we sign on.

    I am appalled to hear and see the amount of educated people with decent qualifications, university degrees etc, finding it difficult to achieve full time work with a good number of years attached and long term prospects.

    All society is offering us is short term work lasting mere months, but loads of voluntary work with no pay, but they expect you do work and act as if you are employed earning money and that you have the adequate resources to do the work given its not their fault they need help as well.
    If it was not for our grit and determination a lot of good causes like this one would not survive.

    With the present election coming what should we do vote? Who for and what for they all seem to get us wrong and they do not support, understand, and listen to us.

    A. Rhoden.

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